Fitness: Stretching Progression

Updated: Nov 20, 2020


Work through some different stretching progressions with Coach Brian!

Base Position

Elbow to Ankle

1. Back knee up, pull hips apart

2. Back knee down, push knee and rotate away

3. Drop elbows down

Knee to Opposite Wrist

1. Sit back on hip

2. Bring ankle higher

3. Drop elbows down


1. Push Heel to ground

2. Use other foot for added pressure

3. Walk feet towards hands

Split Squat

Hip Flexor

1. Lean forward, push back hip forward

2. Hand over top as lean forward

3. Rotate over top leg as lean forward


1. Big toe stays down, rock leg back

2. Use heel to anchor leg, lean forward

3. Flex big toe back towards shin, lean


1. Hip open, bring back foot forward

2. Touch shoulder blades, stay tall

3. Aggressive lean forward in stretch